About Coming Back

As I was sharing some techniques to stay away from the drama bubble on a daily basis, I was dragged into some sorts of familial drama and I was suddenly entrapped by a nauseating desire to get angry, retaliate and spend time talking about the issue.

In the process, I observed myself and I noticed two factors that made me absorb other people’s drama and involuntarily contribute to it by engaging in lengthy conversations about it.

One was a background of accumulated tiredness and the other, a sharp feeling of injustice that overtook me. It’s perfectly understandable to crack under the pressure of physical exhaustion, yet I shouldn’t let it slide if I find myself passing judgments hastily. From this point on, I would like to take you through the steps I apply to come back.


Whenever we are unhappy with ourselves as a consequence of our own actions, we subconsciously dwell unnecessarily in the moment of self-guilt, anger or sadness. This prolonged stagnation may arise from a need to redeem ourselves through mental or emotional self-punishment. What we often fail to realise is that this process does more harm than good and it’s not required by anyone. I believe that God does not require us to sulk and be grumpy, but It may rejoice if we become aware and balanced.

By coming back I mean observing your actions in awareness and deciding to learn from this lesson without labeling your actions as good or bad.

Come back or begin again whenever you have not been able to reach your own expectations of yourself. Being understanding and forgiving towards your own actions does not mean you slack off and do nothing to better yourself. It means you become aware in the knowledge that you will do better next time. Holding on to grief enhances a moment that doesn’t exist anymore and that is why coming back in awareness is a powerful tool on the path to a happier life.


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