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Thinking of the topics I’ve approached so far on the blog, I remembered that, a few good years back, I had come across a couple of inspirational talks and even a book by a specific author whose name I couldn’t recall. I tried a few google searches but I abandoned my attempts soon enough as they didn’t seem to lead anywhere.

A day later, I remembered that I had emailed a friend about this author. Digging through emails from maybe four years back, I had found who I was looking for. After I listened to one of his talks again, I gratefully realised that his words and wisdom have been a major stepping stone on my path to opening up to a happier life.

In his TED Talk, Plug Into Your Hard-Wired Happiness, Rao Shrikumar points out how we build certain mental models and base our whole existence on them without realising that these models can be altered to our benefit. He then presents a way of breaking away from the vicious cycle of harmful beliefs.

Below is an extract from the talk and the complete video can be found here.

You have spent your entire life learning to be unhappy. […] And the way we learn to be unhappy is by buying into a particular mental model. A mental model is a notion that we have that this is the way the world works. […] And the mental model that we have that we buy into so strongly is that we have to get something so we can do something so we can be something. […] All this is a variation of the If … then model. And the If … then model is IF this happens, THEN we will be happy.

I hope this talk inspires you to stay aware that no matter how incomplete or complicated things in your life seem right now, there is always a way to find balance and it’s usually simpler that it appears.



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