About Writing


I’m so happy to be writing again after a lengthy break.

Almost every time, before I write anything, I hear this nagging voice that puts me down and wonders why I even bother to share my thoughts cause, “Let’s be honest”, it speaks, “who the hell even cares about what you have to say?”

I deal with this voice as I deal with a distant friend whom I’m not on the same page with… with patient understanding and without any expectations.

I write for the love of sharing, conversations and the growth that may come from the communion of thoughts and ideas. I’ve grown a lot from meeting amazing people who have gladly shared their gentle wisdom and have pushed me forward on the right road when I was feeling lost. I will forever be thankful to them and now is the time to pass it on, in whatever ways I can.

There are few things that make me feel happier than seeing that those around me take comfort from our conversations, feeling guided and inspired just as I did when I most needed it. Truly, there is no greater joy than allowing even one droplet of wisdom and joy to form in the heart of another.


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