About Truth

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Since I’ve been “pushing” the idea of welcoming change into our lives with a positive outlook, I’ve been getting some clues that there’s going to be some important change on my side of the fence. Some clues have been interesting, while others have been a bit freaky, but in the end, it’s all about our spin on it.

And since this blog is about paths and finding that conducive road on the intricate map which life presents to us, I was recently thinking if I’ve been allowing this space of sharing ideas to follow its true path. If I were to be honest, I have been diverging quite a fair bit.

I go about life intuitively and when I started writing, there was something my intuition told me I should share, yet somehow, I did not really allow myself to approach it hands on. The truth that I was avoiding to state bluntly is that the foundation of how my life became a happy one lies in how I found happiness in my relationship. And by relationship I mean love relationship. Darn it, cheesy as it may sound, I am talking about finding the One.

The happy life, or more accurately, the happy perception of life, started happening after a breakthrough in finding the answer to all my “Why are things not working out for me?” questions related to my past relationship. This breakthrough, which came after reading a book called Conversations with God (volume 1), by Neale Donald Walsch, came in the form of an idea that was deeply felt. I realised that it was true without any doubt whatsoever, which was rare for me at the time, an insecure, indecisive people-pleaser.

What I suddenly understood was that there was nothing wrong with me and absolutely nothing wrong with the person I was dating at the time. That the so-called mistakes that had been made in the relationship were not an entity in itself and had no power, but were merely a consequence of what happens when you try to match two misfit puzzle pieces until you damage them. That my partner at the time had never done anything against the relationship, he was merely following his life path in a genuine way. That the years together were not wasted, but had a deep purpose to teach us about love and personal truth, which is the purpose of all romantic and platonic relationships we encounter in a lifetime.

After that moment of becoming aware of my own life on a deeper level, everything changed. And that’s why I keep on bringing up the idea of change, change of mind, change of heart, change of perception.

I look forward to telling you more about how things happened, cheesy details included.


About Expectations


The last time we spoke, I was talking about change. It’s, in fact, one of my favourite topics because I encounter it every day and there is often so much resistance to it, that it makes me want to dig deeper and understand its mechanics.

If there’s one common pattern I see that makes people unhappy, it’s resistance to change. Yet, we change every day. We change with every new piece of information we absorb, with every situation we encounter, with every interaction we have with those around us and we change physically as time goes by.

It’s funny how we resist change in our personal circumstances and behaviour, but we easily expect it from those around us. How many wives out there are expecting their husbands to change so they themselves can be happy? How many employees are waiting for their boss to change and value them more? How many parents are waiting for their children to change the present circumstances, like graduate, get married or pop up some grandchildren?

It’s an illusion to think you will be happy when those around you change. The happy future you are envisioning has a constant: you. If you are not happy now, the whole world can change, you will be the same.

So, start with yourself whenever you feel it’s time for a change. Sometimes, all it takes is a change of attitude for your circumstances to shift magically in your favour. Stop assuming things about others and the world, and start taking charge of your own life. You are the creator and the creation. Believe in your power to shift your reality to a desired one and start taking one small step at a time.

The most damaging thing that you can do is to assume that your life or aspects of it are the way they are because of other people. You are giving your powers away. You are placing yourself in an inferior position and allowing yourself to be lead by other people’s will.

I often think about how God feels when it observes us, with our infinite potentials and powers to be extraordinary, sobbing in a corner about how miserable our life is.

It’s normal to be misguided, it’s understandable to be lost and it’s perfectly fine to give yourself time on your journey. But, start with becoming aware of yourself. You are here. You are gifted. You are able. Nothing can stop you but yourself. Breathe, relax and start making plans about how you want your life to change for the better. Be proactive, while staying open to unexpected turn of events and allowing for things to unfold in their divine time.

“Everything in your life is a reflection of a choice you have made. If you want a different result, make a different choice.”

About Change


I’ll start this one by breathing out. A deep breath, long enough to cover the past three months and all the events that came with them.

I stayed away from writing to the point that I had to go looking for my laptop around the house once I decided it was time to get back on track. While getting another pep talk from my husband about how I should start blogging again, I got the butterflies and that was the sign that I was ready to come back.

This has been a year of change. I didn’t realise it until two of my friends pointed it out during a very warm and enriching conversation. Thank you, Iunia and DJ, for the insight.

We are used to framing certain life events with labels infused with extremes such as happiness or sadness. Yet, oftentimes, these events just symbolise Change. In the space of three months, change has made its presence felt through one wedding and two funerals, along with all the energy shifts that occur on such occasions.

Although important people in my life are no longer present in physical form, I cannot be but grateful for the depth and wisdom that their journey into the unknown has opened me up to.

Bearing witness to illness and death has made me search for answers to questions I didn’t even know I had. I started reading and reflecting more. Most importantly, I began listening and opening up to whispers of wisdom that come from the unseen. Wisdom that resonates with awareness planted deep within us.

In the midst of what seemed chaotic from the outside, I gained insights with every obstacle encountered. Within the new reality I was facing, I had to stop and take the time to see things for what they were. To see the flow that gently takes us to where we need to be, in physical or spirit form.

It is my belief that beyond what we perceive as death, we continue our journey as ourselves, we never lose that and we never lose our loved ones.

And although everything will be new and different, we will find our way, just as we do when we are born. Things happen, we are connected and we are guided.

For life and death are one, even as the river and the sea are one. (Kahlil Gibran)

Another insight that came with change was, yet again, the value of letting go. Not letting go of people, but letting go of thinking we know what is best for them. We each have an intimately intricate journey and when someone dear moves onto a new mysterious path, leaving behind the physical form, it goes against life’s flow to dwell into misery. Painful thoughts of separation are justified to a certain extent. However, we must acknowledge that one’s life includes and, at the same time, excludes everyone around. We may feel we knew someone and thus grieve for their life, the possibilities lost, the wishes unfulfilled. Yet, we must ask ourselves if we deeply knew who they were, their purpose, their spiritual growth, the meaning of their joys and sufferings, and when it was time for them to transcend life as we know it. I believe that all we can really know about a person is their love for us. A feeling of love that keeps us connected, even beyond death.

Love never vanishes, love is energy and it pervades as long as we open up to receive it. Our mind easily blocks communication and connection between worlds by following what we’ve been taught about life and death, but if we go deep into our heart, I believe it will tell us that love is always there, unblemished and unchanged. It is that love that keeps us bonded to one another. A love that remains steadfast. We don’t love a person less after they pass on. More often than not, we love them more. Likewise, they love us just the same. I would say, their love for us grows unimaginably in the boundless realm of infinite expansion. We should open up to that love and connection to allow our mind to be blown away by the magic that can and most definitely will occur.

I began this post by talking about weddings, funerals and change. About how we box these events up, labeling them according to what we have been taught. Yet, I believe these life transitions and the change they bring along are all about Love. About growing into love. The love for your spouse, the love for a dear family member who cannot be with you in physical form, the love for God, for Life, for Self. And, perhaps, the most important lesson we can receive from change is to embrace every moment of our lives as a manifestation of Love. To see that Love is always. Love is everywhere. Love is limitless. Love Is.