About Change


I’ll start this one by breathing out. A deep breath, long enough to cover the past three months and all the events that came with them.

I stayed away from writing to the point that I had to go looking for my laptop around the house once I decided it was time to get back on track. While getting another pep talk from my husband about how I should start blogging again, I got the butterflies and that was the sign that I was ready to come back.

This has been a year of change. I didn’t realise it until two of my friends pointed it out during a very warm and enriching conversation. Thank you, Iunia and DJ, for the insight.

We are used to framing certain life events with labels infused with extremes such as happiness or sadness. Yet, oftentimes, these events just symbolise Change. In the space of three months, change has made its presence felt through one wedding and two funerals, along with all the energy shifts that occur on such occasions.

Although important people in my life are no longer present in physical form, I cannot be but grateful for the depth and wisdom that their journey into the unknown has opened me up to.

Bearing witness to illness and death has made me search for answers to questions I didn’t even know I had. I started reading and reflecting more. Most importantly, I began listening and opening up to whispers of wisdom that come from the unseen. Wisdom that resonates with awareness planted deep within us.

In the midst of what seemed chaotic from the outside, I gained insights with every obstacle encountered. Within the new reality I was facing, I had to stop and take the time to see things for what they were. To see the flow that gently takes us to where we need to be, in physical or spirit form.

It is my belief that beyond what we perceive as death, we continue our journey as ourselves, we never lose that and we never lose our loved ones.

And although everything will be new and different, we will find our way, just as we do when we are born. Things happen, we are connected and we are guided.

For life and death are one, even as the river and the sea are one. (Kahlil Gibran)

Another insight that came with change was, yet again, the value of letting go. Not letting go of people, but letting go of thinking we know what is best for them. We each have an intimately intricate journey and when someone dear moves onto a new mysterious path, leaving behind the physical form, it goes against life’s flow to dwell into misery. Painful thoughts of separation are justified to a certain extent. However, we must acknowledge that one’s life includes and, at the same time, excludes everyone around. We may feel we knew someone and thus grieve for their life, the possibilities lost, the wishes unfulfilled. Yet, we must ask ourselves if we deeply knew who they were, their purpose, their spiritual growth, the meaning of their joys and sufferings, and when it was time for them to transcend life as we know it. I believe that all we can really know about a person is their love for us. A feeling of love that keeps us connected, even beyond death.

Love never vanishes, love is energy and it pervades as long as we open up to receive it. Our mind easily blocks communication and connection between worlds by following what we’ve been taught about life and death, but if we go deep into our heart, I believe it will tell us that love is always there, unblemished and unchanged. It is that love that keeps us bonded to one another. A love that remains steadfast. We don’t love a person less after they pass on. More often than not, we love them more. Likewise, they love us just the same. I would say, their love for us grows unimaginably in the boundless realm of infinite expansion. We should open up to that love and connection to allow our mind to be blown away by the magic that can and most definitely will occur.

I began this post by talking about weddings, funerals and change. About how we box these events up, labeling them according to what we have been taught. Yet, I believe these life transitions and the change they bring along are all about Love. About growing into love. The love for your spouse, the love for a dear family member who cannot be with you in physical form, the love for God, for Life, for Self. And, perhaps, the most important lesson we can receive from change is to embrace every moment of our lives as a manifestation of Love. To see that Love is always. Love is everywhere. Love is limitless. Love Is.


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