First of Firsts

Photo Credit to Miu & Co.

Almost half a day passed by before I was hit by the sudden realisation that it’s the first of March.

Initially, I couldn’t grasp if this meant anything, yet it felt like it should. I then remembered that it’s the first day of spring in Romania – a festive time when small handmade decorations are worn and more smiles exchanged in the thrilled anticipation of sunnier days.

This made me happy, while also making me think how easily we let go of landmarks that were once very significant. Since I now live in a land of only two seasons, some of my previous reasons to celebrate the passage of time have become insignificant.

While mindlessly letting my thoughts course along those passageways, I opened my email and read the daily inspiration message from the CWG website.

I gladly realised that, although I’m not celebrating the coming of spring, this is a perfect day to “get going” with an endeavour I had been procrastinating. That’s why I’m here today and I thought of sharing this message with you, in case you’re also waiting for a gentle nudge to start something you’ve been deferring.

“[…] the start of the day can be the start of a whole new life.

Why not use this beginning of the month to create a new beginning for you in many ways?

You know that you’ve been waiting to “get going” with your daring idea, your wonderful thought, for a long time. Why not start now?

The thing is this: if you do not start using any excuse at all, you will not start ever. So use this day as your excuse — and…get going.
DO IT.  Hurry, before you change your mind.