You, Every Day


You are becoming more you every day.

Everyone says it’s all about the journey, not the destination, but I think it’s about both.

There is a destination in every moment and we reach it as we are taking each breath.

Each breath is a gift, a possibility, a chance, a door, a question, an answer, a person, a realisation, a step, a journey and a destination.

We’ve been taught to look at things in the long run and visualise things happening in a faraway future. We’ve been taught that our destinations lie ahead and that we have to wait and work hard to get there. Our vision is automatically set in the future.

Now things are changing and our focus is gently redirected towards here and now, all there is.

In this moment we are everything we have been, are and ever will be. All potentials and possibilities are simmering deep down, waiting for us to choose, again and again, who we wish to be now.

Within this precious breath, life is but a moment.

This moment is you, this moment is us, this moment is life.

The destination is the journey and the journey is being you, every day.

Enjoy the travelling and celebrate the arriving, as in one moment both are embraced.



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