You Are Not Alone


I often look around me and I get a sense of heaviness that some people carry around. There’s a palpable depth, like a vacuum – a mix of sadness, disappointment and a faint glimpse of hope, even as they say, “Today will be a good day.”

Not so long ago, after meeting people, I would go back home feeling overwhelmed by my own inability to express the intimate awareness that life is magical and that we can turn things around any time we are ready.

In time, I accepted that everyone is on a personal path that is right for themselves and that nothing happens by chance, only by choice.

Too often, I also forget that life is on my side and I get dragged into self-created illusions of worry and entrapment. I start wishing that I could change or control a situation that seems to be out of my hands.

What I am grateful for most is, for a lack of more original choice of words, divine grace. Recently, I felt incapacitated by a situation where things were not flowing. There was tension and no results, and I started feeling overwhelmed. It took me a few good weeks, while things were not progressing, to remember that I don’t need to go through it alone.

Without delaying things further, I grabbed a pen and a piece of paper to write a letter. It was help and guidance that I was seeking. No more than half an hour later, my prayer was answered. I was light and happy, feeling like I might spread a small pair of imaginary wings and be lifted off the ground. While in that state, I also realised I had not witnessed a miracle, but rather how life worked.

We truly never are alone, but we lost this awareness somewhere along the way and now it seems too good to be true. We don’t even remember to try. If we only tried, with an open heart and mind, there is no way we would not be gifted the miracle we need. Provided we don’t ask for things to go the way we think they should and we simply hand the problem over to someone who knows best.

Today I would like to remind you and myself that our miracles are waiting for us just around the corner, as long as we surrender to that greater consciousness that we too are part of. By surrendering, we are not denying ourselves, but we are acknowledging that part of ourselves that is too magnificent to be captured with our conditioned perception.

We are a grain of that infinite love and awareness that is always ready to gently create miracles in our lives, as long as we open up to receive them.



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