Dealing with Limitations


I spent good years of my life thinking that happiness is a state of high. A state of intense feeling, creativity, clear thought and super-enhanced abilities.

When it came to love, I had a similar vision. I thought that meeting someone that would overlap my idealised version of a partner would induce that feeling of high. Observing people around me, I see that search in others too. The hunt for excitement, wishful thoughts, for drama.

But life, love and happiness, in my own personal journey, has proven to be everything else but what I expected.

Life has gently helped me open up to the awareness that happiness and love are not a state of high, but a state of peace. Even in the midst of turbulent events, we can be at peace and we can be happy, as long as we understand that we are part of a greater picture and that life calls us to be the best that we can be in each moment, even undesired ones.

Seeking that thrill in love and happiness, we are choosing to act from our mind-space. We have mentally figured out what is exciting, what is not, what we want and what we don’t. Our thoughts are trying to control our reality which can prove to be draining and counterproductive. That is one way.

There is another way – the way of letting go. Letting go of everything we think we know about ourselves and trying to shift our attention into our heart-space. We know we are acting from our heart’s awareness when we don’t pay attention to what we think about something, and instead focus on how we feel about it, intuitively. Listening to our feelings, in this context, does not equate an emotive and rash response. Emotional reactions have nothing to do with using our heart’s knowledge. Being emotional and reacting accordingly is not the same as listening to our intuition.

In that newly found state of peace that allowed me to understand life around me from a more neutral perspective, I also had to learn an important lesson. We work and function within limitations. We can be happy, but that doesn’t mean we won’t experience an array of very personal constraints. Most often, there’s no high and there’s no razor-sharp ability. There’s just us, being more of ourselves and working with what we already have, trying to make the best of it.

Happiness has taught me that we do have access to enhanced feeling, creativity, clarity and intense abilities, but that we also have to deal with a multitude of uniquely personal limitations. Part of having this human experience is learning how to access that greater part of ourselves, the source of knowingness, while dealing with mundane interruptions set by our own unique human structure.













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