Beyond the Appearance of Life

SW_Andrew Smith

My motivation for creating this sharing space was the change that has shifted my perspective on life.

I often talk about happiness because using this word makes it easier to put my point across, but what I’m experiencing now is wider and deeper than happiness.

In fact, I think that when we refer to happiness we talk about an idea. An idea that we hold in our minds – for a time – and that we appreciate – for a while – when it materialises in reality.

Although our mind is a great tool, what I want to share here goes beyond ideas – and beyond happiness, in this sense.

When I woke up this morning, I was at peace. My mind started being flooded with thoughts about what I was going to do and I just lay there observing all of them. There was noise, excitement, worry, denial, wishful thinking – everything crammed up, waiting for me to choose one or more.

I chose none, while telling my mind, “We’ll see.” I prepared breakfast and, once more, I stopped and told myself, “This is it.”

THIS is life.

It wouldn’t be easy to define what “This” means.

The closest I always get is when I refer to Awareness. I prefer Awareness to happiness or peace, because Awareness can encompass both, as well as all the other things all the way to the opposite end of the spectrum.

Awareness is what guides me to observe my thoughts, to put them away for a moment, to focus on what I am doing now, to know that whatever I choose for each moment is equally significant in a myriad of different ways.

Along this path of change that I travelled on, I slowly learned to let go of looking forward to a future moment because, although that future moment came, my awareness of it never did. Not until I chose to stay aware, in awareness.

As I’ve mentioned before in my previous post, life might not always offer highs and I stopped looking for them – they were all in my mind and my mind’s thirst was never quenched. There were too many variables and a never-ending search.

Life was waiting for me to notice it, from a space beyond my mind, my ideas, my needs and wants; beyond joy and sadness; beyond the appearance of “life”.

Beyond the appearance of life is where we are, seeing and experiencing, always present, undying and aware.





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