Authentic and Aware


To continue our conversation started in the previous post where I brought up the topic of “unique compatibility“, I would like to move the discussion in a slightly different direction.

I previously mentioned that finding a uniquely compatible partner opens us up to a new kind of reality. A world where it feels that our dreams can miraculously come true. Yet, all good things happen when we are ready to receive them. To find that “right” partner and to gain access to the world of our dreams, we have to shift our attention inwards – from whom we desire to who we really are. To attract the unique kind of romantic love that we deserve, we have to first learn to be authentic and aware.

It is close to impossible to even begin to identify someone uniquely compatible if we have yet to gain an ability to understand ourselves and how we’ve created our present reality. If we still blame exterior circumstances and people for our unhappiness, it’s unlikely that we are ready to distinguish that unique shade which blends perfectly with our true colours. Until we are able to embrace ourselves fully, honestly and lovingly, finding a romantic partner should come second.

For many of us, putting up a front has become our second nature. We polish that front every single day and we hide behind it while making some of the most important decisions of our lives. When we lose our motivation to maintain that front, we get confused about why things are not working out for us anymore. After a while, people around us start requesting to see that person we said we were. We try to shift things in the direction that we want, but like everything else, that direction doesn’t feel real any longer. We push forward in trying to maintain that dream alive, but it feels impossible. We are left with limited choices. Many become resigned, others turn bitter. A lucky few become better.

To be deeply and authentically ourselves is what we came into this life for. Each and every one of us is absolutely and undeniably unique. We may have things in common and we may have similar experiences, but our viewpoint is doubtlessly singular. Our point of awareness is what distinguishes us and gives us a purpose. We are on a divine pursuit to get in touch with our truest and purest selves. Nothing, really nothing, is more important than this mystical quest, but somehow we seem to have forgotten that. Our quests have become distorted. We seek and rush to make things happen around us as if that would ever be enough. All the while, what do we really know about ourselves? We know that we want things and that we would do anything to get them. We’ve been taught that satisfying our wants would bring some sort of satisfaction. The need to quench wanting’s thirst drives us to make misplaced choices which end up haunting us for years. The irritating husband/wife, the horrible workplace, the fake friends – this is how stereotypes are born. Once we let go of our authenticity, we submerge in an inauthentic reality.

Before we can even begin to envision how miraculous it would be to be with the person of our dreams, let’s take a step back and reflect if we are ready. Because there is definitely a time when we will be ready. It will be the point when we will be able to look in wonderment at how we have weaved even the tinniest thread that makes up our lives’ narrative. At how we have had the steering wheel all along and how life has been there to offer us everything we have asked for. At how each moment is anew and filled to the brim with possibilities waiting to be embraced. It’s been us all along. Once we become aware, we can finally start having a deep and honest conversation with life. We will be able to hear, see and feel so much more of what life has to show us. That is the point of magical conversion to an upgraded version of reality. The one that is “uniquely compatible” with us. To find that “special someone” in your life, be the special you that you were always meant to be.