The Value of Moments


I’ve been blessed to meet lots of people who have found their way. They haven’t reached their destination, but they have learned how to travel. They have also learned how to use their inner guiding system. They have inspired me in ways I couldn’t always grasp. When you are in the presence of someone who holds a deeper kind of wisdom, transformation occurs; often without us even being aware of it.

For me, as for many others, there is a before and an after. If I were to oversimplify it, I would describe it as life before and after I discovered how to be happy. Yet, happiness doesn’t  fully capture what I am experiencing now. I learned that happiness is not the purpose of us being alive. Awareness is. There is infinite awareness to be gained in every moment. The purpose is not to get to the bottom of the sack, but to receive the gifts of every instant life offers.

Thinking of how my awareness of life has improved over the years, I realised there are a series of lessons I’ve learned. Once I could deeply grasp their meaning, my inner world started to change.

All these lessons were equally important and they came at different times. I treasure them all and I couldn’t easily find a hierarchy of meaningfulness. These realisations were puzzle pieces that found their place in the tapestry of life.

My perception of life has dramatically improved once I’ve understood how to:

Let moments play themselves out. 

We often have an involuntary need for things to go our way. Everything that doesn’t is met with strong resistance. This resistance can manifest as anger, fear, anxiety, worry, panic, control, numbness, loss of interest, search for distractions and so many other ways. It’s an automatic process and we display this pattern without reflecting what it could mean or if there is a better way.

I’ve come to learn that a better alternative is to let that uncomfortable moment that opposes what we desire play itself out. Observe it with curiosity and awareness. See where it leads and what it teaches you. Notice why it makes you uncomfortable and how your mind will try to overpower what is being displayed. Will it tell you to fight back? Will it tell you to run and hide? Will it keep you awake at night?

Notice yourself in the midst of chaos and let that intense moment play itself out while observing your role in it. What is your contribution to that distressful moment? Go deeper, beyond your brain chatter and knee-jerk reactions. If you do react, observe that, like a theatre performance. Know that you are not your reactions, but the spectator sitting still and enjoying the display with intrigued curiosity.

We are not the moment, we are not what we say and do, we are not what we are perceived to be. We are everything that lies beyond life itself. The best part is not being able to define what we are, while always knowing we are MORE, and more, and more.

We are more than we could imagine, grasp or capture. So, let us not overlap moments and their meanings with our perennial nature. We are not the moment, we are the observers of the moment.

Let that moment play itself out and be grateful for its gifts. Make a habit out of taking a step back to observe the spectacle of life. While it lasts.