Happy in the New Year

Ian Schneider


Beginnings are wonderful, but this start of the year hasn’t been smooth on my side of the world. Nevertheless, I continue down my path with curiosity and a sense of acceptance, worshiping the power of the present moment and the wisdom it has to offer.

Now more than ever, I reflect on the purpose of relationships of all kinds that we weave into our life. None is random and none is senseless. This applies even more to our romantic relationships which take up a significant bulk of where we invest our vital energy.

I stand by a firm belief that happy couples make for happier people and a happier, more peaceful world. I’ve been gifted a unique relationship that has changed my perspective on all the notions that are commonly circulated about romantic love. Gifts are meant to be shared, and although my message may sound uncommon or too good to be true, I will persevere with sharing what I have learnt and strongly believe in.

No matter what stage of your life you find yourself in, there is a potential for you to be fully and completely happy. Happiness to me doesn’t mean always having a smile on your face. I see happiness as a state of feeling safe, loved, grounded and aware. If you’re not quite there yet, and if it’s relationship issues that are somehow in the way, I want to send you a drop of inspiration to remind you that, no matter what your situation is right now, your deepest desires can come true. I equate our desire to be alive with our desire to be loved. True, deep, authentic, synchronous romantic love is possible and waiting for you to be ready to receive it.

There is a person on earth who came here to love you as you know you ought to be loved. You may not be with that person right now and that’s okay. But just know that no one can fill that uniquely compatible person’s shoes. The lack you are feeling in your relationships now is and will be a constant till you meet your resonant partner. 

Fully embrace all lessons life offers in your current circumstance, no matter how painful, and you will ready yourself for enountering that unique love that you were molded after. 

It may not always feel that we are supported, but we journey together and all we need to do when we get lost is stop and reach out. I’m here to offer a listening ear and hopefully inspire you with my personal story any time you need it. I invite you to comment or shoot me an email to share where your journey has led you, what crossroads you have encountered and what your heart calls you to do forth.

With Love,