A New Cycle of Life


I can’t recall the last time I was unhappy.

Recently, I’ve had this odd feeling that life is compartmentalised. I recall my childhood, it feels like aeons ago. There was high school and uni. Working life started, but it felt seamless. What stood out was my complex relationship. Always on my mind, always seeking, never finding. Tagging along and moving abroad, a smooth adventure with many lessons. Culmination – a breakup. Starting over.

Then something changed, permanently. I stopped being unhappy. I looked at my new life from different angles and the result was always the same. I’m good. I’m feeling good. The newness of this state shook me. I started talking about miracles, synchronicities, angels and the likes. Everything was possible if feeling like this was possible.

Now, years later, the sense of wonder remains, yet I also get a new sense of moving on. Everyone is moving on. Ties to the past have blended into what feels like “old life”. They say this year marks the beginning of a new cycle. There’s something in the air and it hints to doingness. A universal voice is calling out, “Do it, do it, do it.” It talks about assuming the role of the artist of your own life, about being creative and putting yourself out there.

Whether we’re in search of happiness or finding ways to share it, this year has summoned us, loud and clear. Can you sense it?

While we’re figuring our way through the maze, I would love to hear about your plans and intentions for this year.



Photo by Alice Achterhof



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