Small Dreams


We dream big and we dream small. Big dreams push us forward, alluring, tempting, always out of reach, but surely there – winking, waving, smiling at us.

Small dreams make up our day to day lives. Enjoying that long-awaited conversation with your best friend, your cuddly bed on a dire morning, an unexpected raise, a good book, a breather…

I was a big dream addict and, in all honesty, all my big dreams came true. But there was a cost to pay. The cost was time. Every single big dream of mine took literally years to become a part of my reality. Many times, I talk about “cooking”. It’s still cooking, give it a while.

Looking back, that longing for the big dream was painful. You want it, you can’t have it now and all the wisdom in the world doesn’t lessen the itching wait. This crude longing for what we don’t have yet is a constant that not even age can tame. Yet, time did teach me something about the amount of focus I entertain my big and small dreams with.

Nowadays, with less energy to spread in all directions, I’m being calculative with how much time I spend dreaming big. What takes priority is what I am experiencing right now. The minor things I love come first. Once I’m in the middle of doing something seemingly insignificant, I’m happy. All the rest can wait. Gratitude? Necessity? It’s somewhere along those lines.

If you’re feeling like you’re racing with yourself and with life most of the time, I hope to inspire you to take a breather and observe what small joys you’re experiencing on a day to day basis. Stick with them and see what gifts they bring. Big dreams are always there, but it’s the small ones that can add value and meaning to being alive, awake, joyful.

Photo by David Marcu


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