About This Blog

snailtrailFor some time now, I’ve been itching to share bits and pieces of my thoughts and my life which is something I wouldn’t have thought about doing a few years back. But then something happened. Life happened! Life happened in all its magic. I’m the same and do pretty much the same things, but the way I experience life on a daily basis has taken a major turn for the better. I’m not sure how much this is obvious from the outside and it doesn’t even matter. The most important thing is I can gratefully say that I am happy and that I’ve been waiting for so long to feel this way. I can now see clearly what wasn’t working before and how I was the only one who could have brought about this change at any given point. I’ve also come to realise that there was a path waiting for me to see it and the moment I was able to walk on it, all aspects of my life have improved. My intention now is to tell my story in the hope that I can inspire others to take that mysterious turn which helps us align with our own unique path to happiness.


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